Fahed brings together strategic thinking and disciplined execution.

His formal education is in marketing, a subject he took to instinctively. But more than that, he's enjoyed continuous learning from masters in various fields like Michael Porter, Michael Gerber, Drayton Bird, Sean d'Souza, Reg Athwal, Lesley Everette, Howie Jacobson, Andy Bounds, Phil Bedford and many more.

His real expertise have come through practical implementation, starting with his first business in 2003 and then the many projects he's been involved in or advised since then.

Working with Fahed

For many people, Fahed is a dream partner. Not only for his wide range of expertise and access to professional service providers, but because he treats client projects as though they were his own. This means working within constraints and focusing on returns.

Contacting Fahed

You can reach Fahed on fahed (-at-) bizzari (-dot-) ae


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His product knowledge is outstanding as is his passion to make a difference to society. From the minute you meet him you know you are in safe hands.
— Phil Bedford

His involvement with Timelenders has helped us tremendously in developing and scaling our most important product.
— Suleman Ahmer

Honesty, Trustworthiness, Expertise and Professionalism are four words that best describe Fahed. If you need sound, expert and honest advice, hire Fahed!
— Rawan Albina

Fahed is of a very rare breed. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who is as knowledgeable in his field and as honest in his approach.
— Mark Hirst

A brief discussion with Fahed in Kuala Lumpur made me review the business model of our company. His advice was spot-on, professional and sincere.
— Kamran Kiyani

I had the pleasure of working with Fahed on two projects and they both proved to be excellent experiences. I strongly recommend working with him if you can.
— Jilnar El Masri

I have never dealt with anyone as sharp and on-the-ball as Fahed. Remarkably intelligent and incredibly insightful. He coaxes the best from everyone.
— Ally Pace

Working for Fahed was a real pleasure. He is a person you trust immediately, a man of his word.
— John Zuyderduyn